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How it works:

Your personal well-being is based on the harmonious interaction psyche, body and environment. If organism is a harmony with its surroundings, a balanced natural order is able to be reestablished. Only in the last few years, researchers of epigenetic, psychoneuroimmunology, psychosomatics and
have understood this elemental regulation process. Aerospace research has been instrumental in these scientific discoveries. First, it was recognized that nature has everything needed within itself.

Scientifically said, within the atmosphere certain frequencies interact with our bodies and they also correlate with the formation of weather: the Sferics. Later, so called "good" and "bad" weather frequencies were distinguished (Max-Planck Institute in Martinsried in cooperation with Hans Baumer, Dipl. Ing.).

Good weather frequencies have a stabilizing effect on us (like being carried on powerful rose-colored clouds) whereas bad weather frequencies cause atmosphere related syndrome with symptoms like frequent seizures, depression, migraine headaches, etc.

Unique worldwide!

Audio-Balance! is the only application worldwide that works with wellness holograms. There is no other medical or technical instrument or music on CD that offers you such a complex and dense compilation of audiovisual information. Audio-Balance! is therefore capable of creating fast and pleasant effects on your body & mind, because the healthy and nature-derived holograms are immediately recognized as being coherent guides towards well-being and are gratefully absorbed.

In this way stress can be easily transformed into deep relaxation. Your vitality increases. Your sleep is deeper and your immune system can regenerate more easily. You can prevent burn-out symptoms. You can increase your sexual performance. You could compare these effects to being awakened and having sunshine come back into your life.

It is as if you were walking outside in a green meadow or through a sunlit forest. You walk along a quiet lake, observe its beauty, a breeze gently touches the trees. You feel good, all your worries fade! You are within the frequency of well-being. Stress has no power over you.

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